Movie Epidemic Zombie: ENDZEIT - EVER AFTER: A story about people is more true

Actually, the Fmovies doesn't appreciate this movie when watching the trailer, it makes me feel like this is just a horror movie , gore, normal zombies, and I think most people watch the trailer or read the summary Off the film also think so. But it is the complete opposite. Knows there will be people who criticize the film as confusing, bad, illogical because I heard a lot when I sat in the theater last night, but try to think about it before making a comment.

Pandemic Zombie

The film is set in apocalypse, two girls, Vivi and Eva flee from Weimar - a city that does not accept any tolerance, to come to Jena - a place full of hope and humanity. Vivi and Eva themselves have different pains. A weak Vivi, obsessing over her sister's death, lives life like a dead one. And Eva, in danger of turning into a zombie, is a strong man, despite surviving but also carrying undeniable sins. The journey of both in the film is not really to survive, but to grow up, to overcome past pains and "live to live".

With beautiful scenes, German castles, the movie Plague as a myth of life. Endzeit raises an interesting question, what if humans were just a disease, a species that lived on Earth but forgot to pay their rent for too long. What would it be like for humans to lead the food chain or own this planet just myths?

Plague zombie movie

Throughout the history of the Earth, so many species have gone extinct, so what makes humans become different species? The Earth has existed for billions of years, and humans? Apparently, the human race in the film angered Mother Nature, but instead of causing humanity to disappear, she took away human greed, fear, thoughts, and made them into mobile corpses, But from those corpses, life will be born. She also gives Vivi and Eva a chance, allowing Vivi to overcome her fear, leaving Eva from a selfish girl to sacrifice herself for others.

Approach to zombie Endzeit also very different, instead of fight, struggle for existence, the film Pandemic zombie shows us how to accept and live with it. Usually people will show on screen people who are cool, tough, ready to kill zombies without thinking, but Endzeit shows us girls who are still obsessed with the past, needing salvation. , suffering when you are a person to be alive but not brave enough to end yourself. The creative, unique content, meaningful details and beautiful scenes make Endzeit one of the best films from the beginning of the year (at least for me).

Pandemic Zombie

However, there are some minus points in the movie Pandemic Zombie picky viewers, the first is the film circuit is not relevant. The first half you can see Endzeit Endzeit tends to be like normal zombie movies, but the second half immediately changes the tone so that viewers do not understand what is happening. The second is when the gardener rescues Eva, who asks Vivi to stay, but Vivi breaks his promise and there seems to be no punishment. I am wondering this detail, must find analytics in some foreign websites.

I would not recommend going to this movie, because it may be a little confusing and not suitable for the majority of viewers who want to watch an entertaining movie. But for me it is a good movie, not "bullshit" "bullshit" as some people think.

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